No fuss subscription

Guaranteed easy, breezy like a summer’s Sunday morning. Turn any order into a subscription (and save 10%) by selecting “Subscribe” on the product page. Change products or frequency anytime you want and there’s no strings attached, we promise.

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how subscriptions work


Subscribe to any product you’d like.


Set your frequency and delivery date each week, fortnight or month.


Add new products, change frequency, or delay the next processing date at any time.

Need a hand? Get in touch with our support team.

Friends with benefits

You can order as you need, but the really good stuff kicks in when you subscribe.

Save 10% on every order when subscribed. 

Change delivery dates & frequency any time. Manage your subscription online at any time, just tell us when and where and we’ll be there.

Cancel at any time. No strings attached, we swear.

Now we know what you’re thinking, subscribing could lead to complications like:

What if I run out before my next delivery is due?

What if my partner starts stealing my MyAura Organics and I need enough deodorant for two instead of one?

What if the police catch on and I need to quickly cancel my order and flee?

We promise no BS* and we mean it.


Open handcuffs, no fees, no long term commitment, no hard to find cancellation buttons. Seriously easy to manage.


Got too much or too little this month, that’s why we have made it easy for you to adjust the delivery date so you can get your delivery sooner or push the date back.

CHANGE order anytime.

Want more of the good stuff or maybe feel like trying a new scent or product? No worries, you can change your choices anytime to include more or less of our natural deos and or antiperspirants.

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Natural formulas that help neutralise odour keeping you as fresh as fresh gets.



Prebiotic formula, to support your skin’s flora balance, absorb wetness & neutralise odour.