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We’re imploring women everywhere to detox their life from all the BS* (bad stuff). Together, we can put an end to women thinking they need to be a certain way to be perceived as attractive. Why should we have to fit in with all the rest after all?

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We believe that a natural alternative doesn’t have to mean less effective; we are committed to ensuring our products are gentle for your skin and do what they’re supposed to do. No synthetic fragrances, no palm oil, cruelty free.

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We’re here to make sure everyone has the chance to embrace a kinder way of caring for their skin and mind. All of our natural products are accessible, affordable and rewarding, without compromising on quality.


Prebiotic formula, to support your skin’s flora balance, absorb wetness & neutralise odour.

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This product first caught my eye because of the natural ingredients, and no chemicals. I find it works wonderful! It is a different consistency than other deodorants you may have tried, but it is a natural product, and doesn't have the chemicals for long lasting effects on the skin. Worth a try!

- Jill

Love it. I bought MyAura Rose, Vanilla, Jasmine deodorant from Coles. I couldn’t be happier with the product. The scent is beautiful and I have not had any trouble at all with applying it. I found it offers me all day protection. Being a sportsperson I am very active and have had no problems with body odour since using this fabulous deodorant.